Takako Kimura        
  Born in 1974 in Tokyo, Japan    
  Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan    
  2006-2009 Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Germany (Prof.Pitz)  
  2002 M.A.Painting, Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music, Japan  
  2000 B.A.Painting, Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music, Japan  
  Solo Exhibitions  
  2009 "Nippon All Stars", Zonca&Zonca, Milan, Italy  
    "Recycarnation", Murata & Friends, Berlin, Germany  
  2007 "Atlas Celeste", Murata & Friends, Berlin, Germany  
  2006 "Hakobera", Murata & Friends, Berlin, Germany  
  2005 "Sticker-series", Murata & Friends, Berlin, Germany  
  2004 "Hinomaru-japanese Flag"Gallery Jin, Tokyo, Japan  
  2003 "Constellation"LIVE Gallery, Tokyo, Japan  
  Group Exhibitions  
  2014 Seeing objects, painting objects, University Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan  
  2013 JAPANISCHE REISE, Kunsthaus sans titre, Potsdam, Germany  
  2008 CAMOUFLASH / Das Verschwinden in der Kunst, UNACTU at temporary exhibition space Prager Spitze, Dresden  
  Art Student Exhibition 2008, ISE Cultural Foundation, Broadway, USA
  2007 Milk crown and Mushroom clowd David Castillo Gallery, Miami, USA
  2005 Impression Sunrise, Murata & Friends, Berlin, Germany  
    Made in Japan, Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim, Germany  
    Giappone oggi, Galleria Cadoro 66, Roma, Italy  
  2003 Jin Session 2003 Vol.4 off topic, Gallery Jin, Tokyo, Japan  
    Nippon Television PLASA ART MARKET, Crystal Hall, Tokyo, Japan  
    From the east, four people exhibitions, Art Garden Gallery, Okayama, Japan  
  2002 The 1st Contemporary Art Work by Curators Selection, LIVE Gallery, Tokyo, Japan  
    Graduate Works Exhibitions M.A., University Art Museum, Tokyo , Japan  
  blank hunting Shimotakaido Art activity, Shimotakaido shopping street, Tokyo, Japan
    News Exhibition, University Exhibition space, Tokyo, Japan  
    Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music assistant exhibition, Inoue Gallery,Tokyo, Japan  
    Moving Collection, The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Zealand  
2000 Graduate Works Exhibitions B.A., Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
    ATAKA Prize Exhibiton, University Practice room, Tokyo, Japan  
    MIX X MIX EXHIBITION, Peppers Gallery, Tokyo, Japan  
    The modern Japanese-South Korean fine arts interchange exhibition, Funabashi citizen Gallery, Chiba  
    Takashi Geiyu society prize Exhibitons, University Practice room, Tokyo, Japan  
  1997 Exhibition of two artists, The student union, Tokyo, Japan  
  2006-2009 Fellowship of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists, The Agency of Cultural Affairs (Munich, Germany)  
  2008 ISE Cultural Foundation Art Student Exhibition 2008 Lisa K. Erf Award  
  2002 Art Scholarship 2001, Akihiko Takami Award  
  2000 Mr. O Memorial Prize, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music  
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